Friday, December 23, 2011


I took a Bikram class the other night. My third one ever. I've never thought of Bikram as a style that I would be able to practice exclusively/daily but I must say that I felt AWESOME after that class. All of this holiday indulgence everywhere I go has left me feeling heavy, bloated and tired. After my 90 minute sweat session in the torture chamber that is Bikram yoga, I felt like I'd certainly detoxed a bit and even carried a feeling of lightness into the next day until I decided to dig in to the cookie tray at work. I've had a burning desire to go back for another class ever since and plan to do so on Wednesday. It will be my birthday which means I can drag Matt along with me. I hope he'll enjoy it too. I may break down and purchase a 10 class card. Just wish the carpet didn't smell so foul.

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